Cheek Augmentation – for overall facial balance

Cheekbone augmentation

Prominent, well-defined cheekbones are one of the most striking signs of youthfulness and beauty. Because of heredity, some people simply don’t have well-developed cheekbones, or their cheekbones may not be in balance with their other facial features. Others, who had well-defined cheekbones when younger, have lost this definition as the cheek soft tissues have started to droop with the aging process. Today, we have several options to create or re-create this cheek definition with the use of cheek implants or repositioning of the fallen cheek tissues with a cheek pad lift.

Why is the middle face so shallow?

The rejuvenation of the middle part of the face is a key feature to achieving a natural look. Often the cheekbone has not developed ideally, so that the area under the eyes look shallow and even the lower eyelids are not properly supported. This leads to the impression of ‘bags’ under the eyes and sometimes a ‘darkening’ of the skin in the area.

Restoration of this area can be achieved with tissue fillers (Juvederm, Restylane) or fat grafts; or implants which themselves are more permanent. All of these procedures can also be combined with a ‘cheek pad lift’ to reposition the fat pad of the cheek which may have fallen from its original youthful position.The cheek pad lift is an extremely natural approach to the rejuvenation of the cheek/eyelid areas. No added materials are required in many cases, since this approach is most common when the cheekpad has ‘fallen’ and accentuated the groove under the eyelid and alongside the nose (nasolabial grooves).

Does it help with eyebags?

In the mature patient, the ‘cheek pad’ will fall from its natural ‘higher’ position; and create the ‘groove’ under the lower eyelid. This leads to the appearance of ‘bags’ under the eye. The actual ideal procedure is to ‘reposition’ the cheekpad back to its original position which highlights the cheekbone and also rejuvenates the eyelids significantly. Supporting the lower eye with a cheek implant leads to a long term rejuvenation.

Are cheek implants permanent?

The ‘cheek implant’ is an excellent solution for many person of all ages; since it is permanent (but can be removed in minutes if necessary in the future); and achieves 3 dimensional volume improvement. This is quite different than Fillers, which must be repeated every year; and also fat grafts, which are unpredictable overall. Cheek implants can be made of various materials and come in various shapes so one can selectively highlight and define the deficient zones correctly. Dr Wittenberg will always customize any cheek implants so that it fits your situation and overall facial contours with a natural look. He is quite unique in that regard.  We can discuss all aspects of cheek implants with you for your awareness.

Are there any scars?

The cheek augmentation/implant procedure is accomplished from a small incision inside the mouth so there is no scar on the skin surface; and it is a short procedure so that recovery is rapid. Swelling will improve with time; with final tissue definitions taking time to develop.

Dr. Wittenberg has extensive experience in the placement of many types of fillers and implants and he can assist you to select the best method to achieve your goal of natural facial balance.

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