Facial liposuction

Facial liposuction is a very common and popular procedure. It is designed for the permanent removal of fatty tissue from your cheeks, chin, and neck. It is an elective procedure that allows Dr. Wittenberg to remove undesirable subcutaneous fat in specific areas that do not respond to diet and exercise.Patients with good skin tone who have fatty deposits receive the best results from facial liposuction. It is not a treatment for obesity.

The procedure is readily accomplished under sedation and shows immediate results. Specific care should be followed afterwards to ensure the best result is obtained. The procedure can be combined with a chin surgery in some cases to enhance the chin while reducing the ‘double chin’ effect as well. In the mature patient, it can be necessary to combine the procedure with a Necklift to smooth out the skin contours.

“Chin lipo”

The actual procedure does not require incisions and can recontour the area under the chin and towards the angle of the jaw. The actual width of the lower jaw will determine whether the removal of the fatty tissue will accentuate the jawline to the degree you desire. In some cases, it is necessary to augment the jawline to achieve the most ideal result. Dr. Wittenberg can discuss your situation at your consultation visit.

Jowl contouring

Jowls can be trimmed with Liposculpture but often it is necessary to actually reposition the tissue which is creating the jowl, in order to obtain a longterm improvement.

Buccal fat pad

Lipsculpture and fat removal can also be done for the ‘cheeks’. In that case, the fat pad is trimmed to the desired shape from inside the mouth. Care must be taken to maintain fat to support the overlying tissues, especially for the longterm aging process.

A variety of factors can affect the results: physical condition, genetic makeup, diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol intake, and skin elasticity. However, the simplicity of the technique and the immediacy of the results makes it a virtually painless and predictable procedure.

Please view our Gallery for Before & After Photos of Liposuction.