What is the difference between a facial cosmetic surgeon and plastic surgeon?

The Facial cosmetic surgeon specializes in the elective treatment of facial appearance and structure. The plastic surgeon usually does not usually limit treatment to the face but also treats body defects as well. Generally, the facial cosmetic surgeon will have greater focus and experience with facial surgery.

Why should I choose to have my facial surgery done by Dr. Wittenberg?

The choice of a surgeon to perform your surgery is important. Dr. Wittenberg has over 30 years of experience with facial surgery including significant reconstructive facial surgery. He knows the detailed anatomy of the face including the effects of aging on the facial soft tissues. Academically, he has excelled in his education and he has gained extensive clinical knowledge over his years of p ractice. He has literally performed thousands of surgeries. Importantly, he recognizes the natural look that patients want to achieve and openly discusses the options available to you. He is very easy to talk to and loves to make people look and feel good. You will know when you meet him, that he is the right surgeon for you.

What is jawline augmentation?
 The jawline extends from the ‘ear’ at the ‘angle’ of the jaw to the chin. The jaw or mandible, is typically thought of in 3 areas – the angle of the jaw, the middle body of the jaw (holds the teeth); and the chin. One can have underdevelopment or overdevelopment of any of these 3 sections. So, in order to improve the contour and definition of the jawline, one must consider all 3 sites. The back area is called the ‘ramus’ and ramal augmentation is one of the most cosmetic procedures for the young and mature patient. The chin is often the focus of many persons, but the chin must have a ‘continous’ line of contour all the way back to the ramus, in order to appear esthetic when viewed from the front of the person. In other words, one cannot just look at a profile, but consider the appearance from the front as well.

Augmentation of the jawline is achieved in many ways, often using implants, and often shifting the patient’s own bone structure. Dr Wittenberg has extensive experience in this area and can assist you.

Can Dr. Wittenberg do surgery on the facial bones and Soft tissues at one operation?

Yes, Dr. Wittenberg has the ability to understand, diagnose and improve both hard and soft tissues of the face and this fact separates this office from many others. Anatomy is critical to the achievement of natural  balanced contours and his academic Masters degree in Facial Surgical Anatomy combined with years of surgery will be invaluable to you. The information and skills derived over these many years will successfully be applied to your treatment with the knowledge that both a detailed analysis and artistic application of surgical procedures will enhance your result.