Lip Augmentation

Lips are a significant focus area of the face.They can represent our emotions, our  state of mind and are a very attractive feature. Some of us are ‘born’ with the natural fullness which our society finds desirable; but many of us could benefit from directed enhancement of the lips. The key to a nautural enhancement is to focus on the various ‘parts’ of the lips, be it the central tubercle, the ‘red-line’/outline between the skin and the mucosa of the lip; or the corners of the mouth.

The aging process is especially notable in the lips of females whereby a thinning of the lips occur, wrinkles develop especially on the upper lip; and the corners of the mouth ‘turn downward’. These key areas can be ‘enhanced’ in a very natural fashion to restore the fullness, and the ‘luscious’ volume which is quite desirable. However, each lip presents differing shapes, volumes and genetic determinations, so that a very tailored apporach is key to the natural look.

Various materials have been used for lip enhancement but the most recent approach is to use Tissue Fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane. These are materials which are placed/injected in specific areas of the lip to increase the volume of the lip and to define the outline of the lips. The corners of the mouth are also treated in the mature patient. The procedure is performed by Dr. Wittenberg and not nurses, as is common in some practices. The knowledge of the anatomy and the artistic approach to rejuvenating the lip tissues is critical to a natural look. One does not want to ‘over fill’ the lips a la Hollywood style!

The procedure is accomplished under local anesthetic and the patient should expect some swelling of the lips for about 3-4 days. Occasionally, bruising can occur, so that one must plan for this possibility in work and social life. The materials are not permanent and will resorb (change to water and sugar within the body) within 4months to 8 months. It is variable as to how long the fillers will last in the lips.

It is also possible to use longer lasting fillers such as Artesense. Artesense works by ‘stimulating’ the collagen to form in the lips, contributing to a very long lasting appearance. Artesense is excellent for defining the lip outline, especially in the mature patient. However, it must be placed properly or the result will not be satisfactory. The knowledge of the anatomy is critical such that the material must be placed in the proper ‘level’ of tissue to provide the natural look desired. One can also combine the use of Artesense with other types of fillers such as Juvederm, to achieve impressive results in all age groups.

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