Midface/Cheek Lift

The “midface; is the area of the face under the eyes and alongside the nose. This area can be the first sign of  aging since it is the area where the ‘bags under the eyes happen’ and where the ‘grooves or folds’ alongside the nose and mouth occur. Both of these aging changes are the result of the descent of the ‘cheek pad/cheek fat’. It makes sense to simply ‘reposition the cheek pad to where it came from’ and restore a very natural and refreshed look to this part of the face. Since the eyes are a focus during conversation, one can expect people to comment such things as ‘you sure look rested; or simply,  ‘you look great’.

Mid face lift provides a natural and youthful appearance without an overdone or pulled look. Most persons who want a lower eyelid procedure, are usually focused on this area. Once they appreciate the reasoning for the development of aging changes in the lower lid area, they can appreciate the midface/cheek pad lift.

A simpler version of this lift is called the SOOF lift. It is commonly performed when you first notice the development of lines or grooves adjacent to the lower eye. This can be near the side of the nose or under the eye. This procedure is very commonly performed with a lower eyelid recontouring and incisions are hidden in most cases. The bags under the eyes relate to the protrusion of orbital fat and the descent of the cheek pad; resulting in the deeper groove alongside the lower rim of the eye ‘socket’. The youthful appearance one appreciates requires a smooth transition from the cheek to the lower eyelid, which can be nicely achieved with the SOOF lift. It is one of them most understood procedures and yet, one of the most esthetic.

The cheek pad/midface lift is accomplished under a sedation technique in the accredited clinics of Dr. Wittenberg. The procedural recovery is virtually painless; with the primary concern being any degree of swelling or bruising which can occur in this area of the face. The effects are immediate and the recovery quite rapid. Dr. Wittenberg and his staff can assess whether you are a candidate for this procedure and provide further advice on the recovery features.

Cheek implants

It is common to use an implant to highlight the cheekbone area and reduce the shallow look under the eyes. As well, the procedure focuses the appearance of the eyes and can be very youthful looking. The implants are custom altered at surgery to ensure the natural balance for which Dr Wittenberg is known. They are placed through  small incision in the mouth and are located properly to ensure good contour improvement.

Tissue Fillers for the cheeks

It is also possible to ‘imitate’ a midface procedure by using tissue fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane (tissue fillers). These materials provide an increased volume to the face and can diminish the lines and grooves. However, one must realize that these fillers will only last up to a year and need to be repeated (with repeated costs as well). They can be beneficial for many patients who prefer a non-surgical approach or who simply want to ‘see what it would look like’ after a cheek pad lift, for example. Dr. Wittenberg can advise you regarding tissue fillers and their placement. It is critical that the fillers be placed in the exact plane of tissues to avoid ‘lumps and bumps’, which can occur in less experienced hands.