Mini Surgical Procedures

There are a variety of procedures that can be designed to minimize the extent of the surgical procedure to allow for a more rapid recovery, less surgical time, and more targeted results. These procedures are best suited to the patient under 45 years of age, but since we all have varying genetic backgrounds, it is possible to apply some procedures to all age groups. Mini-surgeries are well suited for the patient who wants to improve their appearance with a limited surgery and who will accept a natural, less complete correction.


S-lifts can be performed to improve facial balance. These are especially suitable for patients with earlier signs of facial aging. By repositioning healthy tissues at this early stage, the effects of aging are minimized and the typical signs of facial youthfulness are maintained longer; it effectively delays more extensive treatment. ‘Weekend facelift’ is a term which is commonly used to describe these mini procedures. The recovery from ‘mini-lifts and S lifts’ is quite rapid since the surgery is more limited. The results are impressive and the patient is invariably pleased since it smooths the contour of the face very nicely. Dr. Wittenberg can determine if you are a candidate for these procedures.

Suture Lifts (“Featherlift”)

A suture lift is a procedure which utilizes suture suspension of the facial tissues for rejuvenation. It is a limited procedure with a rapid recovery that can create tissue elevation and fullness in specific facial zones. The longevity of these mini procedures will vary with the tissue type of the patient. A younger patient will find that these procedures are ideally suited to maintaining their youthful look rather than restoring lost youthful appearances. Dr. Wittenberg can discuss the suitability of each procedure with you.

Vampire facelifts

This ‘term’ was derived from the use of blood products to attempt to modify the volume and skin contour/nature without a surgery. Blood is taken from the patient and separated into components and basically re-injected under the facial skin. This is not a long term solution nor is it a predictable approach; but ‘hollywood’ has popularized the term.

Wonderlift,Softlift, Lifestyle lifts

These are essentially limited approach facelifts similar to the ‘S -Lift’. There is a tendency for some surgeons to ‘market’  a term to make it look like it is ‘different’ from others – but rarely is it different. Dr. Wittenberg can describe the best approaches for what you wish to accomplish in an intelligent, informed and experienced manner.