Necklift – what is it and will it get rid of my wattle?

In a female, a well-defined neck silhouette is a sign of youthfulness and beauty. In the male, a firm neckline is a natural sign of youth and confidence. As one ages, a combination of loose, hanging skin and the accumulation of fat under the chin contribute to the loss of the well-defined neck you once had. While changes in the neck, like those of a ‘turkey wattle’, are usually corrected by a combined face/necklift; early changes in the neck can often be addressed with a more limited mini-procedure.

A necklift can redefine the neck by removing excessive fullness under the chin (liposculpture); by tightening the superficial muscles of the neck that cause banding and sagging (platysmaplasty); and also by redraping the loose skin. The changes are immediate and easily tolerated by the patient. A chin surgery or genioplasty can often be combined to achieve a more defined jaw and minimize the appearance of a double chin, if the chin is small.

What is done in a necklift?

A necklift can be accomplished with hidden incisions and results in a significant change in the appearance of the jawline and the neck. It actually ‘lifts’ the skin in the lower part of the neck as well and re-establishes a  youthful look to this area. The neck has various layers and each layer related to the appearance is repositioned in order to achieve the most long lasting effect. The muscle layer is tightened in a few locations in order to support the overlying skin.

Necklifts can be very limited in their use of incisions but very impressive in their effect on rejuvenation. The neck is one of the most important regions to maintain good cosmetic balance and avoid the look of an aging face. Both males and females are affected by fatty deposits, loose skin, lax muscles and a poor jawline. Necklifts and/or facelifts will naturally change and improve the area so one looks younger, healthier, and more confident.

The procedure is accomplished under a sedation/anesthetic technique and has a rapid recovery. The actual procedure is very well accepted since there is limited discomfort with excellent success. The office will explain all the aspects of the surgery and the recovery features to you so you are well prepared. Communication is a key feature of the Dr. Wittenberg‘s office.

Is a facelift part of a necklift or can I just do the necklift?

It is also important to recognize that a ‘necklift’ and a ‘facelift’ are not the same procedures. One can undergo a necklift without having to change the facial contours to a large degree. Many persons only want to get rid of the ‘turkey neck/loose skin’ and are ‘fine’ with  keeping the central face looking the same. The necklift can also improve the ‘jawline’ area to some degree, but not to the extent of a facelfit. There may still be ‘jowls’ so some degree since the jowl relates to the facelift procedure.  It is best to think of a facelift as changing the facial contours above the jawline; and a necklift as changing the contours of the neck below the jawline. Of course, both can be accomplished at the same time for a more complete rejuvenation and cosmetic improvment.

Enhancing your jawline is a specific expertise of Dr. Wittenberg and he will provide you with the complete discussion of the improvements at your consultation.

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