Total Facial Analysis

We believe that the person seeking facial esthetic changes should have as much information as possible before making decisions. In some cases, the patient may not be fully aware of what is most suitable for their facial structure and may request a procedure that is less ideal than what could provide them the most benefit. Dr. Wittenberg performs a Total Facial Analysis on his patients in order to determine the growth pattern, underlying bone structure and tissue features which will affect one’s appearance.

Facial tissue balance includes both the underlying facial bones as well as the soft tissue, such as the skin. Hereditary developmental patterns of the facial structure are important to consider in selecting the correct treatment plan. Further, a change in one area of the face can alter the perceived balance of the entire face. In other wods, the face should be viewed in ‘proportions’.

Dr Wittenberg will perform a total facial analysis for you to analyze your proportions and tissue changes which may have occurred over the years. He can then educate you about your overall facial balance so you can make informed decisions using his extensive knowledge for your benefit. Cosmetic imaging is also used to enhance the information and communication with the patient. Photos of patients who represent a ‘similar’ facial pattern can also be shown to illustrate potential changes as well.

It is critical to consider the facial anatomy in the selection of procedures to enhance or restore facial balance. Dr. Wittenberg has extensive academic and clinical knowledge of facial anatomy and can best assess your tissues for the most suitable and idealized result. He can perform surgery for the improvement of both your hard bone tissue as well as the facial soft tissue to achieve the most ideal result.