Wrinkle Reduction

Wrinkle Reduction treatment is a revolutionary approach to preventing or reversing the effects of facial wrinkles. Crows feet, worry lines and laugh lines can all be a thing of the past. These are referred to as ‘dynamic wrinkle lines’ and all are treatable with this procedure. The process involves a virtually painless injection of the medicine into the tiny facial muscles that create the wrinkles. Typically it is performed in the area between the eyebrows (frown area) and the crows feet area. Many other regions can be treated as well.

The effects of the the Wrinkle Reduction can last between 3-5months such that 2 or 3 times a year, you can return for a very quick ‘touchup’. Minimally invasive procedures such as wrinkle reduction injections offer the perfect alternative to cosmetic surgery for busy individuals who can’t afford even a few days of downtime from their schedules.

The key to ‘natural wrinkle reduction’ is to make sure there is still some muscle movement in the area; to avoid the unnatural look of a ‘frozen’ flat area. In that fashion, the amount used must be skillfully determined and Dr. Wittenberg’s knowledge of the anatomy of the muscle groups and positions will be invaluable.

A series of treatments with Wrinkle Reduction Medication can achieve beautifying yet temporary results gradually and subtly, without interrupting your day-to-day routine and without incisions, significant swelling or bruising. Now you can rejuvenate your look with ease.

The use of wrinkle reduction treatment is also combined with Tissue Fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane in some cases where the effects of aging have created deeper folds or wrinkles. The combined treatment is very effective and the use of Tissue Fillers can reduce the need and amount of Botox required in the future.

Wrinkle reduction treatment is suitable for younger patients who wish to avoid the formation of wrinkles in the skin from the action of the facial muscles. Prevention rather than treatment is key to maintaining a smooth, consistent appearance to the facial tissues.

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