Dr. Wittenberg has extensive experience in the assessment and management of oral surgical concerns.

His original training in dentistry with graduation at the top of his class in both clinical and academic subjects provides his excellent background knowledge. Expedient and excellent surgery with great care for the patient is the focus of his practice. This includes the experienced staff, who will make the overall surgical experience as pleasant and efficient as possible. Dr. Wittenberg also performs orthodontic surgery, reconstructive facial surgery and cosmetic facial surgery.

Common procedures/assessments in general oral surgery, which we provide, include:

Dental extractions are commonly required for many reasons in the event the teeth are non-restorable or crowding is evident (orthodontic extractions). The family dentist will refer you to Dr. Wittenberg for a safe, effective and positive experience. The extractions can be performed under a local anesthetic or using sedation/general anesthetic – the choice is discussed with you at your consultation appointment. Dr. Wittenberg can efficiently remove the required teeth/roots and provide you with instructions to ensure you have a rapid recovery with minimal complications during the healing phase. The Staff is very good at explaining your needs during the short recovery period.

Dental Implants are very effective in reestablishing your ‘bite’ and providing for replacement of missing teeth. The success of implants is very well established. Dr. Wittenberg was among the first practitioners in the province to use the present-day implants and he has extensive experience in placing the implants immediately after extractions; after a short healing phase; and in combination with bone augmentation where needed. He can explain the process to you and work with your family dentist who will provide you with the crown on top of the dental implant. The procedure is readily accomplished under a local anesthetic or sedation procedure.

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