Your orthodontist will have evaluated your situation and also obtained certain records which usually include a cephalometric xray (profile xray), panoramic xray, and plaster models of your teeth.

Generally, the orthodontist will also have discussed treatment options with you, including surgery. These records are usually forwarded or brought to our office for the consultation.Often a computer image is obtained at our office to provide further information. A detailed examination of your facial growth pattern and occlusion will be performed by Dr. Wittenberg. He has been performing corrective jaw surgeries for over 30 years, having performed many thousands of orthodontic surgeries during that time. He will then advise you of his diagnosis and discuss possible treatment options to you involving surgery, if recommended.

The nature of the surgery, the hospitalization requirements, risks and benefits as well as financial issues will be reviewed at your appointment. It is very helpful for both parents to attend the consultation, if a child is the patient. You will be encouraged to discuss any questions or concerns you have regarding the treatment plan at that visit.

Often, a simulation of specific facial changes that may result from the surgery, can be shown to you at a second appointment. This could assist your understanding of the treatment plan. When you are fully informed about the surgical aspects of your care plan, you can make the decision to proceed with treatment together with your family dentist, orthodontist and Dr. Wittenberg.