Why do I need jaw surgery? / Why can’t braces fix the bite?

A person’s bite or occlusion is the result of two basic features – the alignment of the teeth and the size of the jaws. The orthodontist can straighten the teeth, but if there is a significant overbite or underbite, for example, then the lower or the upper jaw must be aligned to improve the occlusion. The surgery is very accurate, safe and successful. Dr. Wittenberg will coordinate the surgery with your orthodontist, so you will receive the best result.

When does the surgery happen?

The treatment of your bite/occlusion is usually done in 3 phases. The first phase involves primarily orthodontics and possibly dental extractions, including removal of wisdom teeth. This phase takes about 1 year. The surgery is then performed. Subsequently, the third phase of orthodontics to finalize the occlusion is then performed, lasting between 6-12 months.

I am using INVISALIGN for my orthodontics. Can surgery be done with INVISALIGN? I like the cosmetics of having no braces.

Yes, Dr. Wittenberg is recognized as the expert in developing INVISALIGN surgery. He is unique in his technique to avoid the use of any ‘braces’ with his surgery, so that the patient never has to worry about their cosmetic appearance. He has extensive experience in Orthodontic Surgery and has been extremely successful in developing this technique. He was also the first Surgeon to use intraoral Rigid fixation for jaw surgeries in Western Canada.