Facial bone surgery for the restoration of the proper bite and facial form is readily achieved with the advanced knowledge and experience of Dr. Wittenberg. Many of us know of persons who have orthodontic treatment for alignment of the teeth to achieve both a nice smile and a good bite.

In some cases, the bite is incorrect due to the combination of misaligned teeth as well as a jaw size discrepancy. This is commonly seen, for example, with an underdeveloped lower jaw which creates an overbite and recessed profile. In those cases, it is necessary to correct both the dental positions as well as the jaw position to obtain the proper bite relationship. Otherwise, the result can be unstable and the facial profile will be unsatisfactory. Correction of the incorrect jaw position is called orthognathic surgery and is considered a routine, safe and accurate treatment.

Orthognathic surgery moves your teeth and jaws into a new position that results in a more attractive, functional and healthy dental-facial relationship.We are very familiar with facial appearances that are associated with jaw growth disturbances; the protruding lower jaw, the receding jaw and chin; the gummy smile; and the face which appears overly long. These are all associated with malocclusions as well, such that correction of the bite problem with surgery will usually improve the overall facial balance as well. It is often stated that the world sees us from the outside, not recognizing that many malocclusions are associated with each particular facial appearance.

INVISALIGN orthodontics is a new approach to the correction of a bite with the use of ‘invisible’ liners that cover the teeth, and move the teeth without the need for ‘braces’. Dr. Wittenberg has designed a surgery system for INVISALIGN which is unique in the world and which allows a surgery to correct the jaw positions in coordintion with orthodontics and does NOT require metal/ceramic braces. It is the understanding of the community, that Dr. Wittenberg¬†was the first surgeon who developed a system for performing surgery in combination with INVISALIGN – a significant advantage to the patient concerned with cosmetics.