Invisalign is a very good approach to orthodontic alignment for a great smile and bite. The approach uses ‘liners’ to adjust the position of the teeth without the need for ‘braces’ on the teeth. So, it is a very cosmetic approach to having a improvement in one’s smile. The orthodontist uses a computer to ‘simulate’ the movement of the teeth and special liners are made for each step in order to move select teeth at each stage. Generally, it takes a bit longer than ordinary braces, but it avoids the difficulty some people have wearing braces.

In many cases, the ‘bite problem’ is due not only to crooked teeth, but also to a difference in the growth of the upper and lower jaws. In those circumstances, there is often an ‘overbite’ or ‘underbite’ or even an ‘openbite’; whereby even if all the teeth were straightened, the bite would still not ‘fit’ since the jaw sizes do not match up.

In order to properly fix the bite, one must change the position of the jaws with a surgery. Dr. Wittenberg has over 30 years experience with thousands and thousands of surgeries to align the jaws without the use of any jaw wiring. He is unique in his ability to do surgery with Invisalign?in fact, he was told he is the only surgeon in the world who uses his technique to avoid the placement of braces to perform ‘jaw surgery’ when Invisalign is being used by the orthodontist. He sees patients from all over who come to have their surgery done with Invisalign surgical technique.

Invisalign surgery is accurate and very successful and can be used with both upper and lower jaw surgical procedures. The coordination with the orthodontist will allow a rapid return to function and a continuation of the orthodontics to the final stage of treatment.

Invisalign surgery is a very specific technique requiring a detailed approach and a great deal of experience with facial surgical osteotomies. The technique is uniquely applied to Invisalign orthodontics and should be regarded as the ‘gold standard’ in surgical orthodontics.

Dr. Wittenberg can discuss the use of Invisalign Surgery for your situation at a consultation appoinment.