Lower Jaw (Mandible)

The lower jaw or ‘mandible’ presents with the most common growth discrepancies leading to malocclusion. The mandible can be underdeveloped resulting in an ‘overbite’ (the orthodontist calls this an overjet); or it can be ‘overdeveloped’, resulting in an ‘underbite’.

In both cases, the orthodontist is unable to match the lower and upper teeth unless the jaw is repositioned. Fortunately, the surgery is routine and readily accomplished by Dr. Wittenberg due to his extensive experience. The surgery is typically performed as an outpatient whereby no overnight stay is necessary, and the recovery extends from 7 to 10 days.

Dr. Wittenberg is known to have introduced the use of rigid fixation of the surgery site so that no ‘jaw wiring’ is required and the patient is able to function immediately. Eating, talking, brushing etc can be initiated without any delay. The recovery requires general rest, high calorie/high protein diet and excellent oral care. There is significant followup to ensure you have a good understanding of your progress and to answer any questions, as well. The orthodontist usually initiates the final phase of orthodontics within the month.

Dr Wittenberg is also the very first and perhaps only facial surgeon performing lower and upper jaw surgery with INVISALIGN. He developed the unique technique and has excellent success in avoiding the use of ‘braces’ in combining orthodontics with jaw surgery. He receives significant referrals from orthodontists all over who are requesting this unique service. This technique is only for very experienced surgeons and he is well known for his expertise in Invisalign and more basic jaw surgery approaches to helping the patients.

Dr. Wittenberg has performed literally thousands of these procedures with excellent, predictable results. Complications are unusual and the patient’s experience is surprisingly straightforward.

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