Maxillofacial Surgery

Surgery can be performed on the lower jaw, upper jaw, chin, jawline and cheekbone areas to achieve a better bite and facial balance. The individual procedures that would be recommended to you by Dr. Wittenberg will depend upon your treatment goals. Some patients prefer to achieve the best possible bite/occlusion as well as the best possible facial balance. Others may elect only to have a bite correction. The choice is yours.

Dr. Wittenberg is unique in his ability to perform surgery in combination with the advanced INVISALIGN orthodontics. INVISALIGN does not require metal braces on the teeth for correction of the occlusion/bite. Maxillofacial surgery/jaw surgery to correct the jaw positions in combination with INVISALIGN was first performed by Dr. Wittenberg and he is well recognized as the expert in that area. He would be happy to speak to you and your orthodontist about the specialized technique.