Surgical Clinic (Laser Surgery Centre)

The Facial and Laser Surgery Center

The surgical procedures can be accomplished within a hospital or an accredited clinic setting. Treatment which relates to facial growth discrepancies can qualify for hospital admission. The usual duration is one day without overnight stay. Certain procedures can require an overnight stay and this will be arranged prior to scheduling your surgery date. The hospitals determine that this type of surgery is Elective and therefore the scheduling can be limited or delayed based upon the overall waiting list for various types of urgent/emergent surgeries. Dr. Wittenberg has established the Facial and Laser Surgery Center as an accredited facility for the proper and safe performance of these procedures on an outpatient basis without an overnight stay. The private setting allows a much more convenient scheduling of the procedures with selected trained staff and a certified anesthesiologist in attendance. Both locations are feasible for non-cosmetic procedures.In the case of Cosmetic facial surgery, the acceptable location is the Facial and Laser Surgery Centre. Cosmetic surgery can best be achieved in a private, accredited facility with well trained and experienced support staff accustomed to facial surgery. Our Surgical Coordinator can discuss the many features of the Facial Center with you.